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MtrxCal 1.80

MtrxCal 1.80

MtrxCal Publisher's Description

MtrxCal takes calculations on the palm platform to a whole new level.

Don’t spent hours writing a program for some programmable calculator while MtrxCal can perform the same calculations with just a few simple lines. Don’t waste time trying to find the right maximum and minimum values for plotting your functions. Just let MtrxCal use its build-in auto-scaling feature. The syntax for adding two values and adding two matrices containing hundreds of values is the same. Define a range like x=[-6:0.1:6] and calculate the sinus of this matrix like y=sin(x). Now you can just plot all the values with the command plot(y) or plot the power of y using the command plot(y.^2)

  • New in version 1.50
    Added FREE document:
    A Brief Introduction to Applications of Linear Algebra
    By James Derry

  • Matrix calculations
    No tables or different screens to enter the values for a matrix just type A=[2 3; 4 5], for example, to fill a matrix and type det(A) to calculate the determinant.
  • Create your own keypad
    Button size will adjust to number of buttons.
  • Autoscaling
    x=[-4:0.1:4]; plot(x,x.^2) See screenshot!
  • Logarithmic scaling
    Even logarithmic scaling is supported for the x-axis and the y-axis.
  • Solve linear equations
    [2 3;1 -1]\[14;-3] solves for 2*x+3*y=14 and x-y=-3 See screenshot!
  • Complex numbers
    t=[0:0.1:2*pi]; plot(exp(1j*t))  These short functions will plot a circle using an matrix containing complex numbers.
  • Select from four different user configurable screens
    Select a special screen for matrix calculations, for scientific calculations, basic calculations or just define your own screen with your own buttons for your own needs.
  • Built in memopad-like database
    Store your programs in different categories for easy access.
  • Initialize program
    Each time you start MtrxCal a program called Initialize will be executed. This is where your can initialize MtrxCal according to your own needs.
  • Upload your programs to our web site and receive a free registration code
  • Reviews
    Scientific Computing World
  • What really makes MtrxCal so special?
    Take a look at the screen shots on our web site to see how easy it is to have the palm perform more advanced calculations then ever before.

    Please visit our web site for more information

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